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It has been a thought for quite sometime that there is a need for having a web site to give projection of the Meos in a deserving right prospective. Salaried historians of the rulers have written about the Meos / Meo / Medes but with bias and prejudice a lot at different times especially during Muslim ruler's period. Now the Meos has an excellent opportunity to avail many avenues opened for them in our independent Indian subcontinent after over throwing foreign rule. The new generation of Meos / Meo / Medes youths are required to be told what the Meos/Medes were since ancient times and what more they need to do for their better future as an Oldest Aryan Community. With the historical background, they are sufficiently confident to take new challenges in the modern world and prove themselves one of the most progressive communities.

Through blogs and articles from within and outside, intellectuals will be invited to participate in the process to create proper aware in the community for coming forward to join mainstream for the development to the country where ever they living.

A provision is made to highlight the social evils cropped up in the community and advantage they can derive if they discard these and alternatively to adopt the path of progress with adherence to moral values.

A concerted endeavor they will be inspired to make to invest for the acquisition of quality education wherever available in the world. The community will be approached through this web site for developing infrastructure for good health and education not only for themselves but also for their neighboring communities.

We shall be making a serious effort through this site for creating awareness regarding cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation in the homes and neighborhood. The attention of the community will be drawn for safeguard of environment in a sustainable manner for our mother earth to yield us more and for our own health.

We shall put many efforts to create harmonious intercommunity relationship and peace to prevail.
The NGO for the purpose will be there to try to create model for accomplishment of the above objectives and aims. The description is quite a brief and not limiting for other good causes arising from time to time within our meager resources. Click to read more....

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Why for all its size the Midian Empire is neglected in historical texts and descriptions?
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Meos / Meo


Before taking the above subject matter let us consider pertinent aspects in this regard as follows:

  1. What constituent the Muslims of Indian subcontinent
  2. How these constituents play havoc against each other
  3. How unscrupulous and selfish persons occupy advantageous position
  4. How Ummah suffers on this account

Benefit of unity both to themselves and the country

First, let's consider the major divisions and their causes:

There are numerous aspects by which this division is affected: allegiance to different khalifas/individuals created sects/pirs or hazaratjis of Shia, Sunny, Ahmadiyya-Agas-Qadians , Baraelivis,Wahabis and so on. More than 72 divisions in the Muslim Ummah were predicted by our Prophet(PBUH) in an authentic Hadith. These divisions have resulted from different, often whimsical and expedient, interpretation of Islam with varied motives including securing advantageous social or political position for respective group. These instigators are least bothered about irreparable damage caused to Ummah and creation of confusion. It is wonderful to see how well cohesive and united noble force got divided to the utmost disadvantage to the great Ummah.

There is  another division on account of origin of people i.e.  imported (foreigners) and indigenous. The imported ones claim their descent from foreign lands. Though most of them came to India to seek employment under different sovereignties ruling over India at that time and also to save themselves from tortures by the rulers/chieftains in those regions or natural calamities. A fraction of them about 10% claim to be mughals, pathans, syeds sheikhs and connect themselves to be coming from foreign countries. They do not stop over here. They think themselves superior i.e Ashrafs giving distorted pictures of others as lesser humans. During Muslim rules they became caucus surrounding the ruling clans spreading all sort of disinformation about all others specially the indigenous Muslims creating fear psychosis and threat apprehension in the rulers’ mind. This well thought strategy was to ensure securing coveted position in the administration and grab resources such as  land during those days. In the later years of declining empire they did not even spare their masters in weakening their position and contributing to their ultimate down fall. They became Nizams, Nabaabs, Jagirdars and Jamidars without tilling the land themselves.

Even in the current days, they continue playing the same tricks against their own Ummah fellows without least realisation that now we live in a democracy and as such their days of tricks are over. Still they are at an advantageous position of the continued good financial position inherited from earlier days of their loot by all sorts of means.  

2.02 On the other side there are people of Indian origin and as such indigenous to this land: Under this category the main people are Aryans and non-aryans who accepted Islam mostly on their own accord.
Among Aryans, Medes is a  wide term which includes craftsmen like carpenters; iron smith etc who remained associated the medes in their profession of agriculture and cattle rearing the main profession of all tribes during the days of their migration. The fact that Meos of today are  medes has been established beyond any doubt. To begin with they settled in almost all part of North West of India and moved to other parts of India at different times. This whole lot of people constitute almost 80% of the total population of Indian Muslims.

2.03 The remaining are non-aryans but of Indian origin belonging to 100 of tribes practicing different professions.

2.04 Virus of casteism: This is affecting not only origin wise it is within the people who claim to be from foreign countries or regions. On this account there is a lot of confusion and complexity. One set of people consider them superior to the other though they also claim to be of foreign origin. The example is of leading craftsmen like Ansars versus so called superior lot i.e. sheikh, syed, mughal, pathan as mentioned above. Despite all their claim of foreign origin, they remain socially indifferent to one another adding another layer of complexity to social organization of Ummah. The only fault of former is that they are traditionally skilled craftsmen par excellence and others have been holding powers due to their position in governments, land and wealth holding etc.

2.05 Further this tussle is more prominent if it is between people of external origin and indigenous. They appear to be poles apart in their treatment to one another.
They keep their identity separate and elevated as a worse type of casteism which can put to  shame even the casteism prevalent in non-Muslims. They are clever enough to give their daughters in marriage to others if they are otherwise superior in profession or wealth but don’t accept their daughters. There is surprising theory behind it. They think their blood is purer than others and don’t want to mix up with lesser blood. Somebody has rightly said,

"Firqa bandi hay kaheen aur kaheen zatein hain
kya zamane mein panapne ki yahee batein hain"
"Tum syed bhi ho Mirza bhi ho Afghan bhi ho
tum sabhi kuchh ho batao ki musalman bhi ho"

They have completely forgotten even what our Prophet (PBUH) said,

“You know that every Muslim is brother of another Muslim. They are all equal. Nobody has superiority over others except in piety and good deeds.”

This whole division has created complexity and duplicity as different groups of Muslims  having their different grave yards,  baaras and imam baaras, imams to lead prayers, peers and hazaratjis etc. Not only that they are always ready to confront on slightest provocation and go to any extent even to kill each other. In that way they are most intolerant within the Ummah they talk so high of.

2.06 Artificial division of creating sects/jamats:  Creation of jamaats and similar sects in the name of Hazaratjis, Amir ul Jamaat, pirs ets is another mechanism to tighten clutches/fists of these divisive forces on Ummah. It is a great irony, and pushes already backward and poor Ummah to further worsening conditions. The whole process has become a means of earning  name, fame and money. Ajmer is one such exemplary place  where this naked dance can be seen as to how pilgrims are misguided and looted and Mutawillies are becoming richer and richer.

2.07 Unity as an Ummah: It is right to say that united we stand to gain and divided we fall. Sooner we get united better it will be for achievement of worldly aims and in the world hereafter. This is not going to be an easy task. Effective awareness campaign, honest introspection, and open dialogue with identification and deliberate isolation of divisive forces will be needed. Currently, our Ummah is facing a fierce onslaught from multitude of external forces. And, it is important for the factions who consider themselves superior within Ummah to realize that it is in their interest as well to relinquish the superfluous notions of superiority and commit to utilize their existing advantageous position, skill-sets and resources for the development of all. Unity so achieved will be in the form of organised force advantageous not only to the Ummah but to the country we are living in. It will enhance our productivity and as such leading to prosperity and educational advancement. We can establish our own institutions for getting all sort of quality education to serve the country as better citizens. This unity will enable collaborative efforts that maximize the economic opportunities taking advantages of unique strengths of our community.

Let us forget our differences for common cause of Ummah and pray together to realise our aim for good here and hereafter.

Meos / Meo

Positive thinking Is a way of life which leads to the following advantages:

With a positive attitude we experience synergy of pleasant and happy feelings. This brings brightness to the eyes, glow to the face and dynamism to the whole body. Our whole brings and broadcasts good will, happiness and success. Even our health is affected in a beneficial way. We walk tall, our voice is more powerful, and our body language shows the way we feel Positive thinking is an attitude that focuses always on the bright side of life and give inspiration to expectations and achievement of positive results.

A person with positive attitude, anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can win over all day to day adversities coming in the his/her life and the same he/she wishes for others whosoever they are.

It is a trend now a days that more and more people are accepting effectiveness of positive thinking for peace of mind not only for themselves but also for all around them and as such creating a congenial environment.

Intelligent parents, teachers and elders are very serious about making it all prevailing and reaching children and youths on this aspect as evidenced by the many available books and other forms like lectures and courses about it.

It is a life style and habit forming one needs to have the attitude of positive thinking all time, everywhere and in every act one contemplates to do.

How Positive Thinking Works

Let us go through a small illustration as follows:
There is a person who is always pessimistic, lacking self-esteem and thinking of more failure than success even before attempting any task such as seeking an employment, is invariably not getting the job as a result of his negative thinking and with a complex that others are more capable and intelligent than him.

In another case, a person who is always optimistic, full of confidence, brimming with high level of self-esteem and believes in sure certain success in any venture he contemplates, is invariably going to succeed as has been the experience world over.

Some suggestive ways as to how to be on the right side of Positive Thinking attitude:
There is no short cut to have this golden virtue of being oriented to positive thinking attitude and there is no thumb rule available. However, there are some worth trying aspects for its possession such as:

Through books: Reading well chosen books and other literature, is quite inspiring leaving a long lasting impression subconsciously shaping our personality towards this quality.

Through company of good people who are inspiring you to adopt a habit of always thinking positive, it may be regarding any tasks, relationship, entrepreneurship, social work etc.

Strong imagination and visualization for favorable and beneficial environment and subsequent results out of that.

The language one uses requires right choice of words indicative of your positive thought storming in your mind and suitable to the situation and people you are facing.

Face expression and body language speak a lot about your positive thanking attitude and is very appealing to anyone you’re dealing with.

Equally important tool is creatively thinking affirmatively more and more for achievement of favorable success as your target.

Learn to smile and laugh more often

Positive thinking attitude is entirely away from one’s selfishness and always towards justice even at the cost of any personal loss or inconvenient.

It is precisely soul searching with complete unison of heart and mind to be always on the right side while making any decision in day to day affairs with anyone around.

Inculcate the habit of extending help if so required and requested to any needy person if can afford to spend time/money.
Last and not the least, it is incredible virtue one can be crowned with and sustain to the last for a lot of benefits in the life.

Meos / Meo

A Concept of a Village Library & Learning Centre

A Concept of a Village Library & Learning Centre Establishing a library with a study circle in small towns/villages is a concept if implemented can go a long way to not only motivate children there but also improve their standard of education especially the less privileged. More than 80% of the Indian population is living in small towns and villages which are required to be given specific attention for talent enhancement and search by providing facilities for their education and training.

The above facility if created by local individual’s or the community as self managed it will prove a cheaper way for development of more employable & skilled human resources. It will inculcate in the children good qualities like living together, cooperation with one another etc. It has been seen that in the village children have hardly any environment to do their home task or prepare for examination at home after school hours. It may be lack of proper space or parents being uneducated/illiterate or their priorities different etc., anyhow these children are left behind in today’s competitive world.

This is precisely the background why the above concept has been thought over and taken for implementation at a village Jalalpur Khalsa, District Palwal, Haryana.  Further details are given as follows:

A building at a central location with water connection, bathroom, kitchenette, stores etc. was constructed suitably designed for the purpose. Books selves are made and placed at a suitable place in the building. To begin with, some general books, NCERT books and educational charts are procured. These are for the children to develop reading habit, etiquettes learning and develop qualities for good citizens etc. Some books pertaining to their classes concerned are being provided depending upon fund availability. Many more books especially for preparing them for admission in better schools or colleges for higher studies initially guide books are purchased and a BSc Teacher has been engaged for a few hours to help children in their doing home task and preparing for the examinations.  

Computer's is provided to give computer education exposure to the children. Legs operated two Sewing machines have been procured for interested children especially girls of the village to learn stitching dresses. A kitchenette already constructed in the building, will be equipped with necessary items such as gas connection with Chula, utensils etc for cookery training of girls. Nearby a playing space for children has been identified and a boundary wall constructed.

A special class has been organized for teaching Urdu to the interested children and adults. It is a further effort for making a serious attempt to make the villagers 100% literate.

The above center  has been running for more than 9  months and the result is very encouraging regarding reading habit development, daily finishing home task, preparing for next lesson in schools as children are studying under supervision of a guide in a conducive environment.

The promoter of this project is a Doctor, Cardiologist with the logistic support of his family members. Now it has been handed over to a registered NGO- MARYAM & JAYAMAL KHAN FOUNDATION (MJKF) for running and further expansion of its activities.

NGOs like rotary clubs, lions clubs, local panchayats, block summitees and others can take up such project with the cooperation of local residents.

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In the present scenario, about half of the Ummah is involved either taking loan at an interest or accepting interest on their savings/deposits. They are mostly dealing with state-licensed institutions like banks as Unlicensed or illegal moneylenders (mafia as a well-known example) charge usury, excessive interest. However, this interest in both of the former cases is not at all money extraction in either way at "AN EXCESSIVE OR INORDINATE PREMIUM on money landed or borrowed. As such, it appears to be not falling under the category Reba that is prohibited in Islam being extraction of money at "AN EXCESSIVE OR INORDINATE PREMIUM, the definition of riba. The interest both for taking and paying in most of the cases is at a standard rates fixed by banks/institutions regulated by Government of the country concerned and looks like, being worked out to share the profit(fa-eda) in either way and does not fall under the prohibited reba category as explained above. As such, interest on either side is as in normal commercial activities permitted as a fa-eda.

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The Meo Aryans in Search of Their Leader

It is a well know fact that all living inhabitants / creatures on this earth live in groups by way of some natural, social and cultural similarity(ies). It is also said that all we are brought here in various tribes so as we know one another. Some one from them plays a leading role. In the same manner, there are various social groups or ethnic tribes of human beings living in different part of this world. As a natural phenomenon all groups of the people of common heritage or culture, geographical location need some body to lead them. He may not be influencing individually but has a role to play to guide and safe guard common interests of the group as a leader.

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Meo Aryan Princess’s Lesson To Shameless Treacherous Afghan
Tatar Khan And Her Dignified Marriage With Mugal C-In-C Bairam Khan

It is an interesting historical episode happened during the transient period before Mughals’ victory over Delhi Sultanate. It is about Moa Aryan princess’s bravery and prestige vis-à-vis treacherous and shameless act of C-In-C Tatar Khan of Afghan Sultan Sikandar Shah before their down fall and victory of Mughals’ over Delhi. It also depicts the nobility of the great Mughals especially C-In-C Baihram Khan. It is especially brought over here to those who are the caste intoxicated and racists as they still take pride in their belonging to foreign lands and behave indifferently to Muslims of Indian origin including Meo Aryans the oldest Aryans settled first in North-West part of India.

Before proceeding further, it is pertinent to referred to the following couplets:

"Firqa bandi hay kaheen aur kaheen zatein hain
kya zamane mein panapne ki yahee batein hain"

"Tum syed bhi ho Mirza bhi ho Afghan bhi ho
tum sabhi kuchh ho batao ki musalman bhi ho"

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Meo in Haryana


You may be aware of the well known community of Meos / Mewatis / Medes for their numerous human qualities such as honesty, justice, simplicity, hard working, straight forwardness, helping, God fearing, valour and so many other virtues and equally fortunate because of the region they have been living in i.e. the erstwhile state, the Mewat / Medes, one of the  most vital and important area in the vicinity of ever remained Capital of Bharat.

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Quran and Hadiths


It is quite often seen and heard people indulging in unnecessary backbiting and slander about their own fellow beings. Let us look into what the Holy Qaran and Hadiths guide us in this regard: And why did you not, when you heard it, say? "It is not right of us to speak of this: Glory to God, this is a most serious slander" (Quran 24:16)
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